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Why don't you offer any guarantees?
Only participation in a pay-for-placement search engine program such as Overture is the only guarantee you can have a placement in the search engines.  Other than this, no one can guarantee top placement because there is only one who has all the control - the Search Engines.

The only guarantee we can make is we will help you choose the right keywords, the right meta tags, the right place for submission of your site, and the right design architectures for your site.  In other words, we will provide you the right search engine optimization strategies where search engines can easily and fastly index your site.

How much do you offer for your search engine marketing campaign?
Our cost for search engine marketing campaign depends mainly on how optimized your website is from search engines.  If you already have a website that has a search engine friendly design, ITProvide.net can charge you less.

Do you create doorway pages?
We never create pages that would frown upon by the search engines and by the end users.  Search engines consider doorway pages to be spam because they contain unnecessary information.  Whereas, end users would not be able to gather information they needed from that site because these pages don't contain necessary information.

Instead, we create Information Pages where it would benefit the end users.

How can I become your 'IT Freelancer"?
To become our Freelancer, you must have the skills and the experience in the IT field particularly related to our IT services.  To join us, you may submit your resume at contact@itprovide.net, indicating therein your portfolio.  ITProvide.net will inform you if you pass the evaluation.

How can I join your Affiliate Program?
Simply refer a client to us, and you automatically become one of our limited affiliate members who will enjoy a lifetime benefit from ITProvide.net.  If you would like to know more about our affiliate program and its benefits, please investigate in our Affiliate Program page.


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