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FACT 1:  There are currently in excess of 5 billion web documents, increasing at a rate of roughly 7 million per day.

FACT 2:  Research shows that search engines are responsible for over 90% of all webpages.

FACT 3:  Only 16% of all webpages registered to search engines are actually indexed.

FACT 4:  Research shows that people only browse the first 20 searched results.  Over 80% of
                search engine users find what they are looking for within the first 2 pages.  Sales lead
                made from keyword and phrase searches are the most qualified and have the highest
                purchase probability.

FACT 5:  Search engines have created more awareness for websites than all other advirtising
                 combined including banners, newspapers, television and radio.

OUR JOB:  To help you fix your webpages that will make your site more search-engine
                     friendly for the current search engine algorithms.


Search engine optimization is the art of fixing your webpages so that it will be easier for you to appear in a better position at top of search engine queries or the human editors of directories.  Below are SEO services for increasing your visibility in the search engine.     

Keyword Research

 All search engine marketing begins with keyword research.  We will do all necessary evaluation and research on keywords to determine the best search engine and directory keyword phrases for your business.  Effective keyword selection, optimal keyword placement, and solid link development are the best combination in effective search engine marketing campaigns.

 Search engine copywriting and keyword placement

We can help you write/rewrite more effective titles, meta tags, and other web text   in order for you to have a better placement/indexing from the search engines.

Site Design Analysis and Recommendations

One reason why most websites fail to have a placement in the search engines is the lack of search engine visibility in mind by their web designers.  But even if we did not design your site, we can help you modify and optimize your HTML and scripting that can help your site to position better in the search engines.

Site Submission and Monitoring

We will submit your site to the big search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN Search, etc. that tend deliver the most effective results.  And we can provide your site a thorough monitoring on it.  We can as well assist thorough monitoring on it.  We can as well assist you with directory submission (Yahoo, Open directory, etc)

*  We never tell companies that website is 'good' or 'bad'.  So, any comments, suggestions and/or possible solutions we can offer about increasing your site's search engine visibility are purely from a search engine perspective.  And when we make recommendations, we see to it that they are all based from site statistics, marketing data, and research.


Only participation in a pay-for-placement program such as Overture can guarantee one site's placement.  Other than this, no one else can guarantee top placement because there is only one who has all of the control:  the search engines.  So despite what other search engine marketing companies claim, it is difficult to guarantee one site’s top placement.

What we can guarantee is that we will assist you fix your webpages that will make your site more search engine friendly for the current search engine algorithms.  We will help you choose an appropriate keyword density, keyword placement and optimal HTML coding within each page so that it will be easier for your site to achieve a better ranking on search engines or the human editors or directories.  Thus, when potential customers search for your products and services, the search engines and directories choose your website over your competitors to list at the top of their search results.

We can also guarantee that we employ legitimate search engine approved methods and procedures of optimization and avoid any marketing techniques that would frown upon by the search engines and would consider by them as spams and unethical.


When optimization is complete, your website is then manually submitted to the TOP search engines and directories.  And after the submission work is complete, we will start the iterative process of fine-tuning and search engine placement maintenance.  Fine-tuning takes 3-4 months, during which time you receive regular search engine placement reports that let you track our work as we make your search engine placement increase.