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FACT 1:  There are currently in excess of 5 billion web documents, increasing at a rate of roughly 7 million per day.

FACT 2:  Research shows that search engines are responsible for over 90% of all webpages.

FACT 3:  Only 16% of all webpages registered to search engines are actually indexed.

FACT 4:  Research shows that people only browse the first 20 searched results.  Over 80% of search engine users find what they are looking for within the first 2 pages.  Sales lead made from keyword and phrase searches are the most qualified and have the highest purchase probability.

FACT 5:  Search engines have created more awareness for websites than all other advirtising combined including banners, newspapers, television and radio.

OUR JOB:  To help you fix your webpages that will make your site more search-engine friendly for the current search engine algorithms.


General Website Analysis Services                     Fee:  

If you already have a website but having problems with search engine positioning and wish to know how to improve it, we can offer you a service where your site is given an independent evaluation and critically appraise it.

We will provide you with a laid out report and we will offer you the best possible solutions in improving your website.  This may make a big difference in how you spend your money in improving your website.

Our most basic website analysis and evaluation consists of analyzing your HTML code, graphic images, and your web copywriting.  The general areas that are covered within the report are:

a.   Navigation
b.   Text
c.   Graphics Optimization
d.   Layout and presentation
e.   Content (Clarity and Purpose/Audience targetting)
f.    Broken Links
g.   Download speed
h.   Cross-browser compatibility

Findability Analysis                                                 

A website is called effective if it is searchable from big search engines and directories.  Otherwise, there must have problems with your keyword selections, layout and link popularity.  This package includes an analysis of:

a.  Visible elements - text, graphics, keywords and keyphrase, title tags, and analysis
b.   Invisible elements - meta-tag keywords, meta-tag description, alternative text.
c.   Layout - HTML, style sheets, scripting

 Marketability/Competitive Analysis                      Fee: 

We can offer you analysis of your site traffic ranking by determining::

1.  Indexing of site across major directories.
2.  Keyword and keyword phrases placement across search engines and directories.
3.  Determine where most people are visiting your site.
4.  No. of people visiting your site in specified period of time.
5.  Most (and least) frequently visited page on your site.



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