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What separates us from other web designers is that you will always receive the best value for money whatever your website design requirements is.  And before we commence any work on your project, we will always agree a fixed price fee so that you will know exactly how much it will cost you, unless otherwise arranged.

      Package                               No. of pages                               Fee                 

a. Webpage Package                    1 -4                               

b. Webpage Plus                             5 -9                                        

c. Website Plus                              10 - above                              

   Text is limited to 1,000 words per page.  In excess of this is subject to additional design fees, especially if they require a great deal of formatting.  NOTE: We do not include editing your text. Please supply the text in the final form for display on the web.

  Custom Graphics Package - FREE basic banner, button creation & image enhancing.  Extra charge for creation/origination of graphic logos. 

 Contact Us / Feedback Form - secured e-mail form has an additional charge.  PHP Programming.  (Please include a rough layout showing the info required on your form with your order. Messages are automatically sent to your desired e-mail address.)

   DHTML – additional fee for use of javascript in creating dynamic webpages.

  Updating - two (2) FREE minor updates during the first 2 months.  Additional fee for every occurrence thereafter.

  Domain Registration & Website hosting - In order to have your website viewed on the web, you must have an URL (or domain name) registered to purchase hosting fees.  It is always best to purchase good quality commercial webspace.

Contact us if you need assistance in organizing & setting up webspace & loading website.  FREE consultation.


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